Be broken. Allow it to happen so that any poison that is inside may find it’s way out. jaymur (via perceiving-change)

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One of the most significant negative habits we should be aware of is that of constantly allowing our mind to run off into the future. Perhaps we got this from our parents. Carried away by our worries, we’re unable to live fully and happily in the present. Deep down, we believe we can’t really be happy just yet—that we still have a few more boxes to be checked off before we can really enjoy life. Thích Nhất Hạnh (via purplebuddhaproject)

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I like art, and by art I mean music, poetry, sex, paintings, the human body, literature… All of this is art to me. Hunter Reveur (via nomnomms)

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Healing is an art. It takes time, it takes practice. It takes love. (via lustambitions)

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You only *think* you’ve been Here before. Take a deep breath, and somehow step back while still looking more closely. See the differences? Just the subtle ones, at first, they are actually easiest to See.
Now follow those subtle clues, they will lead you behind the illusion. Suddenly, you will be witness to a myriad of new Perspectives: you are NOT the person you were before… and these are NOT the same circumstances. So you are Free to Choose - and Choose differently.

This little guy needed a break mid-walk